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LooseballsackLooseballsack Registered Users, Member 45 Posts
It’s widely known that they keep making more and more changes that are ruining the game and this latest one has me fuming. They removed all champion token opportunities from prime games, WOH, daily challenge, etc. and made it so you can only obtain them through hitting 300 game tiers. This is such an effing joke and no reason to complete daily challenge or cycle WOH anymore. Additionally, no more playing prime games to hit each tier for tokens. It was already difficult to obtain enough tokens to move up in Champion level and this latest move only guarantees that I will reach much lower levels going forward. All they’re doing is giving me more and more reasons to stop playing and I’m almost at my breaking point where it’s no longer enjoyable. Who decides on these idiotic changes that nobody likes???


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    tshea510tshea510 Registered Users, Member 1,788 Posts
    While I sympathize with you and everyone else, I am so glad that once again, I stayed Silver. Easy sailing for me. (Whatever amount of tokens I had are now invisible, but I don’t really care)
    Just a Silver team from the wrong side of the tracks, so what do I know? 🤷
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    sullipa8sullipa8 Registered Users, Member 564 Posts
    This has been the worst change in a season of bad changes. They are sinking lower and lower. The only way to get enough tokens now is use that auto tapper. It makes no sense to remove them from these other modes. The whole game is about collecting coins and they remove most ways of getting coins. They even lowered the amount given for club rewards and MVP rewards. So it’s just more and more preventing people from getting the one thing that made this game fun. 
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    xracmanxracman Registered Users, Member 666 Posts
    edited October 2022
    I slowed played all year with my two VIP teams in a solo club.  Spent $4 total to eliminate ads on day 1.  Daily challenges everyday, some events when I felt like it.  Didn't chase bonus players, turned over my roster when i pulled players I liked.  Won more CVC/Bash events than i lost.  Played Barrel House a few times a week and usually cycled WoH twice.  Total of almot 9000 games played with each team, 97% winning pct.  My 2-team solo club got more Top 10 finishes this year, than my previous 3 years playing combined. Finally made Champions tier in September with enough coins to max it out.  Actually started playing MORE to chase coins to advance tiers, plus have a boatload of gold to chase ATGs.  Of course, I still didn't spend another dime, but, dare i say, it was fun.

    Now, no more Champ coins, looks like no ATGs without ANOTHER ultra scarce currency.  Didn;t bother with the final PoTW or PoTM for September

    No reason to play anymore.  F2P players need not apply.
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    Taknadump111Taknadump111 Registered Users, Member 136 Posts
    At least they put champ tokens back in woh! 
    Woo hoo, back to cycling! Now just put them back in Club challenges.
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    LooseballsackLooseballsack Registered Users, Member 45 Posts
    They only added them back to the highest level of WOH, they used to be on the lower 2 levels also and those are gone. I’m 8 levels lower in Champions Tier than I usually am at this point, this game blows. 
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