Major Improvements needed- thought out suggestions

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There are several items in game that need major improvement. These would make the game more appealing and playable, although it would lower the amount of in game money grabs, but in the end profits would be similar due to greater choice + playability.
1) You can pick a pack to start but once you are in game you can not choose by anything except rank (bronze etc.) Having packs that are divided more by era, gender etc. would appeal to many folks. I was hoping I had finally found a game that did this when I started the game and found I could choose classic wrestlers but was once again let down. Having packs that do this would be a big plus. Having a womans only pack would also be a plus as the random pick means many rosters are lacking on the womens side. 
2) Counter for players - allowplayer wrestlers able to counter AI basic hits. The AI currently just swings heavy every time which often gives it an unfair advantage over the player. 
3) Sing counter for moves is unintuitive and inaccurate - Many people have issues with timing for things like this and this type of mechanic will put people off the game. While my timing is fine I fine that even though the marker is solidly in the green I get an OK result. Changing the mechanic would allow it to be fair to a larger player base as well as hopefully make it more accurate.
4) Numbers Game - while I understand this is always a difficult part of the game it is annoying. The game is whoever has the higher number generally wins and if it is a certain number over its auto win. lowering the percentage advantage per point of difference with a separation cap to make it more fair and challenging is the way to go. ie lowering the damage inflicted at higher number difference so that a 100 has a chance to beat a 150 but not a 200. as it is now it seems at even 30 point difference the chance of loosing is low. 
5) Pay to win - never a good idea to players. great for initial bottom line as folks will spend money but long term profits drop fast. 
Thank you for your time and effort it is appreciated.
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