A small quality of life request.

PINMEPAYMEPINMEPAYME Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
Can we please get a prompt to confirm gold purchases.Those who dont want it should have the option to turn it off though. The android version has a very slight lag when switching to the store. Not a huge issue until you accidentally hit that purchase button on a briefcase you didnt want. It has happened to me three times now. 
Otherwise I love the game.


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    NashvilleLouNashvilleLou Registered Users, Member 14 Posts
    I concur on the gold purchase confirmation prompt. Thus far I've been careful (and fortunate), but I'm less likely to spend money on an in-game premium currency where it's easy to accidentally spend that currency. That happened to me in WWE Supercard (after just waking up and trying to get the 4-hour freebie and unloading a few thousand coins for something I had no intent of buying) and since then I've been skittish to spend money on coins. Feels like I'm rewarding bad behavior otherwise.

    And I don't mind spending cash on freemium games that I enjoy. If paying players go away, the game probably will as well. And at least this game reveals the odds for the various loot box offers, which is another positive to me relative to dropping real-life cash. If it's 1%, so be it, at least I know the score and can assess the risk/reward accordingly.
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