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For all the new people, and then the middle level players as well I just wanted to throw some comments out there as a player who has played this game and spent some solid money over the past 3 months i guess, maybe 2 months on this game. I may not be known by everyone but I have commented a fair bit over the past 3 months in chat with plenty of players so I am know as one of the "legit" players who has worked his way up in this game and thus my comments should hold some weight as opposed to people who just want to throw unsubstantiated stuff out there... Also, will be happy to answer any questions some of the newbies might have, at least to the best of my ability..

When I first started game was great, fun and addictive. When you are new, there is so much to take in and so much upgrading, game play to learn etc etc that it really doesnt cost you anything to go a long way to building your team, playing leagues, upgrading players etc etc. Now clearly, the deeper you get into the game and the higher you get on the charts, then its obvious the only way you will progress is to spend money and this is why they have apps to make money, so no issue there. However, I want to address how it works for people who have huge rosters (not just roster scores as that entails your ENTIRE roster, but their PVP battle score/value as that is your TOP 5 players combined which is USUALLY what you use for your battles).

When i was a mid-range player with a PVP battle score of around 8,000, i could get a streak of anywhere between 15-20, i think my record was around 21 for a fair while there. Didnt matter how many streaks I played, i could never bust past 20 streak as the more I win the harder the players became and they were too powerful to overcome, even if i chose to use the gold boost. I would get to a million or so in battles playing multiple streaks or so depending who the bonus players were etc etc.

Now it has cost me some good coin and alot of time but i consider myself a high end player in terms of battling. Now my Roster Battle Overall Value (My top 5 players) is 16347. This can be viewed on my profile and anyone's value can be viewed by going into their profile. In the last 2 weeks of playing, I have only come across one person who is higher at around 16500 and a few around the 16000 and 15000. I have been advised that there are some guys with some huge huge values but the game adjusts their scores to a lower value. I cannot confirm or deny this, it is just what I have been told, but would not surprise me. Now what does this mean? It means when I play battles I am nearly unbeatable (from my end), I beat up on all the lower scores without trying and when I play the handful of players (3 or 4 usually) that looks like touch or go, i can either gamble on beating them or use a gold or free boost to assure myself I get the win. This also means that my win streaks are basically as long as I want them to be. Sometimes I will battle someone close and feel like i do not need a gold/free boost and there is an upset and i lose my streak but essentially as long as i want to spend gold to recharge my streaks I can get an endless streak on because there is only 3 or 4 teams capable of beating and even then they are still slightly lower than me except for one and with a boost against that player i can beat him.

Let us break down what this means in terms of scoring. Once I hit a 40-50 streak, I cant remember exactly where the streak bonus stops increasing but it stops at 29,600 points bonus somewhere. For this current round the king bonus is a GOLD STING giving you a 1000% bonus which is actually the highest I have seen on this game, so this round of scoring should in theory be alot higher than previous week/future weeks as I presume they wont be using players with such a high bonus. Also you have silver sting and xavier woods for an extra 400%. But personally once I am around a 40 streak, I am earning around 500,000 points per win so that means for each set of energy I buy for 100 gold, I can earn 2.5 million club/ranking points. So for each 1000 gold, I can earn 25 million club points... The sky is basically the limit depending on how much gold you want to use IF you have the powerful roster.......

This current battle I have scored 67 million and IF i wanted to and wanted to spend the gold i could score 500 million if i had 5-6 hours spare too although that would probably cost me in gold around 20,000 and the main issue for me is I know BOD will just keep glitching away at the top and forcing me to spend more and more if i wanted to get near them so generally what I do is look at where i sit on the rankings in the top 5/10 and let it ride amongst some of the legit teams till they fix the glitch which allows SOME clubs to cheat (not all).

What is also important to note is this. I scored 67 million so far myself this battle, and the rest of my club scored around 1.5 million combined.... WHAT IF, I had players on my team like me that could score 50 million in a battle. What if i had say 5 of them? There is 300 million and what if all 5 of us said **** it, let us dominate this leader board and we all put 100 or 150 million each, well now you are getting near 1 billion points...... Unfortunately, this is not the case for me yet haha, but you see how this is POSSIBLE. 

Where is this all going? Very simply when I was a mid-range, I kept getting enraged seeing these clubs put up 100 million points/200 million etc etc while im smashing out all this good work for hours to get a million points and its clearly cheating right? Well at the time was sold its cheating but as you can see above, its not cheating (for the most part), its simply the high end guys having rosters which are simply unbeatable and thus having no one to challenge them in roster battles and getting unlimited streaks.

Look at it like this. Your a mid-range player with an 8000 battle roster value and you play some early in your streaks who has a 4000 battle roster value and you smash him. Imagine if you could play 4000 battle roster players all day long, provided you had enough gold you could get an endless streak together right? Well this is how it is for the high end players with huge battle roster scores at 15k+ (some apparently have 20-25k+ but again I am yet to see a battle score of over 17k myself). High end players simply keep winning cause there is no one to beat them?

Now, there are some clubs who do use a glitch which although I do not know how it exactly works, I believe it basically enables them to get endless gold for free meaning they can build rosters and streaks for free....BOD are the most obvious ones and there has been endless proof and common sense which directs this, and a few other teams who randomly pop up and then disappear with players who arent even levelled up to a spot where they could possibly do what they do.

Hopefully this answers some questions to newer people wondering how these huge scores are being attained and yes you can get these monster scores WITHOUT cheating, but there are still some bad apples who do cheat and hopefully they do rub them out or fix this is in the game, its why I only play every few days now instead of daily as it gets boring spending money aiming for a particular spot but seeing a club which cheats just taking that spot every battle....


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    Interesting write-up, thank you.

    So just to confirm?
    You need to spend gold to get the bigger streaks?  E.G. Use up the 5 bouts, buy refill for 100 coins, rinse and repeat?
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