Great idea for new event

deegenomdeegenom 3 PostsRegistered Users, Member
So since at the moment we have 5 days in a week that roster battle and its really boring, can u at leat give us one day from these 5 where we actually dont have to use special wrestlers but just enjoy with our best wrestlers coz all of them would have same bonus?
I mean, one event in which literally all wrestlers would have for example 200% or 300% bonus, so it would not matter which one u use. Or at least PvP battle where we dont really have any bonuses at all. I mean I do understand that game must earn money by pushing people to buy and upgrade new wrestlers, but I am talking just about one day during whole weekend, you can give that idea a chance.

Also why would we have one event during 3 days? I am in CET zone so in my country event starts in Friday afternoon and ends in Monday afternoon thats crazy really, you could change it by playing during Saturday and Sunday and thats it, not so many days. Its really boring. 
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