Looking for the best - Extremely active.

MahdyMahdy Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
I have been playing this game since extreme rules and haven’t missed a day of not playing since. I am currently level 14, roster strength is 16,053 and only getting higher. I am currently in an assistant in a club with 20 members however there are only a few active ones so I need a better and more active league. 


  • MahdyMahdy Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    Also, my in game name is the same as my username: “Mahdy” - I got my roster strength up to 17.7K in one day from this post... Also, for this weekend event, I have my club ranked 217 with myself having 11.3K points out of 13K. 
  • TommyETommyE Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    Try Bullet Club O.G.
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