How do you get gold Trish?

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I’m legit curious. My gauntlet went up to a start of 640.  With that start I can make 15 but have no chance at 17.  I have upgraded my top 5 to where they are over 45k now and can get streaks fairly easy now.  I did a personal best of a streak of 75 and can likely do some that are higher. But it was at the risk of my ability to Gauntlets.  Is there anything that we can have done so that older players can still have a  chance at getting new gold characters?


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    Nope. They don’t want you being good at both. Either you’re great at roster battle. Or great at gauntlet. They don’t want you being great at both. They have that liberal mindset that everyone gets a trophy. Everybody wins. Sucks, I know... if you and I were smart, we’d find a new game to play...
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    Brother I’m starting to lean towards that.  

    I always look at a game like this.  To be good you need 2 things, time and money.  For roster battle you needed money to get the best roster in order to get better streaks, keep them going, and get a higher score.  In gauntlet you need time.   You need time to sit there and grind out all those gauntlets in order to keep a high score.  

    My club did both.  I made sure to have strong players that could either do both or were really good at one or the other.  It resulted in us always having a top 3 finish.  

    I get that some of this is to combat the evil people who have unlimited gold, but it’s screwing up the game for everyone else in the process.
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