Is GLU ripping us off?

unbornunborn Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
Hey guys I have contacted mods in game and get the run around and was hoping one of you guys have noticed the same.
its regarding in game purchases here is the example I’m on IOS and live in New Zealand so I relise prices are in $us.
when you go to the shop and buy gold for example it would cost $4.99 it will pop up on my device and ask if I’m sure and state the price again is $us and I’m charged the appropriate amount (no problem with this) here’s where it gets shady. With the pop up discounts that occur randomly the example I will give is 500 gold 200 energy and 1000 trainers $4.99 but when it asked me to confirm the price then pops up saying it will be $8.99 and once converted to my currency it’s even more. Is this a scam or an error ? No one will give me an answer.
i like you all love this game but Jesus Christ there are so many bugs with purchases.
i know this isn’t a lot of money but it adds up
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