Roster battles

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Ok this dont make no fuckin sense what u all have done to roster battle matchmaking I invested alot of god damn time and money since February beta now for past 2 months I cant even fuckin play roster battle events with my club because I have to get bonus person up to 10k or so where my battle roster of starts at 55k to have a chance to earn points which is total bullshit supposed to get easier the higher u grow not fuckin impossible my sons account is 10k or less he can play daily and buy a bonus guy and not have to upgrade shit and score million easy if wanted but my 55k account cant even get 10k **** u all and what u have to done to this game u greedy mother fuckers been messaging support daily since this shit started u fuckin all the veteran players who fuckin keep ur game going but now we cant do shit cause u think we gonna spend 2 to 3 hundred a day to get a million points while others spend 300 gold boom to hit a million get ur shit right glu heads out of asses listen to ur fuckin players u make more money that way...thanks for nothin 
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