How do big clubs score millions of points in few mins?

15champions15champions Registered Users, Member 10 Posts
Hi Glu,
The big clubs have been saying that they can score millions of points in few mins so it means that they can breach the system? Many people have passion to play the game but these top clubs have been taking the top spots for too long. I really hope the Glu will really do something about this. I like this game but it feels sad to see these type of situations because i really need top gears.


  • ProjectViper72ProjectViper72 Registered Users, Member 22 Posts
    You need to learn the game and train your superstars up to a certain level. That's how you can score the big points with streaks and bonuses. But the ones who score massive amounts of points have spent a lot of real money to get their superstars extremely high. And that's why they get ther big scores as well. You have a few choices spend real money to get big points, learn to streak with bonuses to great points, or just play the game the best you can and do ok. 
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