Groundhog Day

dashbennettdashbennett Registered Users, Member 24 Posts
I just ran into an issue with story mode where I was stuck in an endless loop. It was Chapter 13, Story 6, Match 2 vs Wendi Richter. After playing the match and beating her, I was back at the same matchup screen to face her again in Match 2 of the story. This happened 3 times (once playing the match and twice paying for the $500 quick match.) I went to the home screen then back into the story, only to find that it exited from the story I was playing and was promoting me to spend energy to start with match 1.

I haven’t tried again yet to see if the issue repeats itself, but wanted to bring it up here as an FYI to the devs, or to see if it is a common issue that others have experienced.


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