Back Up With Facebook/Email/Twitter/etc

viviaanviviaan Registered Users 41 Posts
I have an iPhone and I use it to play the game, but when i'm at home, I want to play it on my ipad cause it's a bigger screen and it makes it more convenient. I tried to connect my facebook, but all it does it connect it. When i connected my facebook to my ipad on the game, it didnt change anything.. I hope that you guys can back up our information and allow us to play on other devices.
I'm on level 22 and it'd be such a shame just to start over on my ipad :/
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  • jaf0905jaf0905 Registered Users 76 Posts
    I fully support this suggestion especially in the days where a smartphone only has a 18-24 contract on average and devices are replaced regularly. I think I have about 8 months left until my next upgrade, which means I'll lose all my progress over the twelve months prior.
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  • ShootinStarShootinStar Registered Users 6 Posts
    I agree. I spent real cash on this game and if I get a new phone or my phone somehow whacks out, I at least want my safe file stored in your server so that I don't waste my time and my cash.
  • SorbesqueSorbesque Registered Users 11 Posts
    Agree. I hope the next update enables data and progress to be saved/backup to our account.
  • moon8284moon8284 Registered Users 24 Posts
    SO if I upgrade my phone and re-DL ZAMF I lose everything Ive played? :( Thats not right, at least allow us to save our files. G+, FB, or GC users should be able to have a save database we could log in and theres our character info.
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  • quirkylogicquirkylogic Registered Users 20 Posts
    I play the Simpsons tapped out.. They use Origin.. If the game messes up.. I uninstall.. Reinstall.. Log into Origin && my springfield is still there (:

    Try that.. Otherwise.. What are the people who spend money to do? Or like me who did all kinds of free gold skull earnings to get what I have? Not cool.. Especially since I'll be getting a tablet for Christmas...... Yea... Time to evolve ZAMF...
  • Rob1583Rob1583 Registered Users 87 Posts
    Yes please do this. My game got deleted and I lost all my gold skull unlockables and event rewards. Not cool
  • compakiwicompakiwi Registered Users 2 Posts
    Yea true I was levle 16 and I had a bought alot of things and I couldnt even get my items back I was ****ed
  • konaboy12konaboy12 Registered Users 25 Posts

    YES! Would definitely keep me playing this game longer past a phone upgrade
  • amitguptaamitgupta Registered Users 20 Posts

    On my S3, game crashed and i have to install it again but all progress were lost and i have to start all over again.

    It would be great if Glu can create an online back up of the game.
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