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Have like a 2 player way to fight instead fighting on your own, combat system like you -> zombie -> ally -> zombie -> you etc. but the money and xp be split with your ally ( friend or random)


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    If such a thing was implemented, this could be tied in with members of your Team and the Luck stat. As a random Luck event, one of your Teammates (selected at random from the Team roster) could show up as an Ally and do an attack with a weapon they have equipped. To keep things balanced I'd say damage would have to be scaled to not massively -exceed- something within the range of the current active player, so as not to have a higher level Ally with superior weaponry show up and completely nuke the zombie being fought (relevant poison/fire/cold/electric bonus could be factored in or not based on the complexity of doing so). Alternately/additionally, the mechanic could look at the active player's current Health. If it was mid-combat and Health was low enough (say low enough to have the active player in critical "red-blinky-screen-OMG-I'm-dying" land), the random Luck event would instead trigger an Ally showing up and auto-administering some health. Again, for balance I'm thinking this should be scaled based on the active player's level...low-to-mid level should be a does of pain-killers while mid-to-high be some bandages (no med-kits...too powerful even as a low-chance random event). Either way, a cool helpful thing but not in a massive game changing way.

    If/when your character gets randomly chosen to be an Ally to a Teammate, the next time you log in you'd get a pop-up message saying "You received __ experience from helping teammates." If you did get randomly picked to help, your own energy, weaponry and inventory would not be affected (no loss of turns, ammo, medical stuff, no degrade of your gear, etc.). Not a huge amount of xp either, mind you...maybe just 5-10 per assist. Again, "cool and helpful" but not an incentive for joining a Team outside of bi-weekly competitions.
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