Message multiple crashes detected with a code to contact customer care

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I opened the app and went to the prep kitchen and a cooking dash box appeared saying mutlple crashes detected contact customer care and it gave a long code , it began with F4 - . I panicked and closed the game and restarted and everything looks fine but I'm a bit afraid to play. Lately my only issue has been no ads loading . I did not download the most recent update. I usually wait a few weeks to make sure all the bugs are worked out and it is safe.
Should I be concerned? Anyone else get this. I wish I had screen shot it, it was a box that was similar to like a special weekend event box, same colors and lettinging.


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    Hey there! If you crash multiple times, there will be a popup that shows your facebook id and to contact us. If you're not seeing that pop-up anymore, you should be fine. If you see the pop up again, please contact Customer Care. Sometimes the new version is too animation heavy for devices so we'll have to remove them so that you're able to keep playing.
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    IAlso happened the same thing. I contacted the customer service, I did all the indicated procedure, and the result that the game has returned to zero and so far no solution.
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    I was playing, as usual (daily).  Was in airport on WiFi (and cellular backup) when it was slow download (which has happened over course of past 2 years).  In a hurry, so I closed it — when I went to play again hours later it gives me this MULTIPLE CRASHES DETECTED message (having had zero crashes before this). 

    Contacted customer service who was less than helpful and assumed I was an idiot by the response I received (equivalent to “turn your device off and back on” —- though more detailed in the condescending nature (as if I had not tried what I know could be causes already before contacting).

    now I have spend hundred of dollars ... years playing ... and have about 160 gold as we speak...
    and I have zero help.  

    *FYI... they closed my ticket without knowing if the problem was fixed and there is ZERO way to open a new one.   None.

    So here I am.  Disappointed in yet another Business who seems to only want your money, then won’t put time in to help those that give them life.   Sad, this was my favorite game.   Ugh.
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    Sorry to hear that @bonnaroofairy. What device are you playing on? :/ As the game updates, it becomes a more animation heavy game. Your game may be crashing due to the animation and that's why you're getting the popup. If you let them know, they can remove the 2.0 features from your game and you can just play the venues as normal but sadly you won't be able to access features like Trial of Style, Avatar Items, and Series Finale.
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    Please provide assistance, unaware on how to avoid this error.  Unwilling to restart my game.
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    I’ve been playing this game for @ 10 years and I have spent soo much ridiculous money and lately, I’ve had crashes when I was playing using vips that either cost me a lot of gold, or took a lot of time to prep like the auto serve. I’ve also watched ads to get gold or supers and it’ll crash but I don’t get anywhere when I reach out for help. They do reply and are very nice but it’s always things like, it’s a third party app so we cannot assist with the problem or, they cannot give me the super I was trying to earn or they cannot replace the one I lose when the ads froze or the one I was using when it crashed. The last time they gave me 10 gold bars but I can’t get the supers or vips that I lost for 10 gold. I really wish they would offer themed events where the event is focused around a specific ‘show’ which included a season finale and deals for sales on supers and vips and upgrades on those shows. And I wish they told you which were coming up in advance so that you had time to try and get that show completed to at least 3/4 stars on each level so you qualified. When it starts I spend the whole time tying to get the 3/4 stars and I waste so much money and don’t finish and then it’s over 
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