Which customer do you think is the toughest to deal with?

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This discussion is simply for fun fellow diner dash fans! :D And as this is just our own personal thoughts, I believe no one should be judge for what they personally think
So, I actually find a lot of customers quite tough, especially the goons. 
Flip and Devon are SUPER annoying all the time. Besides being impatient and destructive gamewise, they don't even leave a high tip! :s
Beatrix is definitely a brat. She can even ruin a whole level in some cases (like when in a level with only one large table and no access to jet packs, I seated a slow customer over there like an idiot then she comes), and the girl surely can mess up my time management as her orders cut in line too. In diner town inn, what is she even thinking about taking 3 luggage bags? Even customer groups only bring 2 at most! And is she ordering 2 oysters on purpose in the fish shack?:/ Though I must admit that she is quite patient (though she always comes in with a poker face) and always leaves an excellent tip if she's happy.
Also, I am having a bone to pick with gordon. Even though I can trick money from him by serving more than he can actually eat, he is extremely annoying when the food isn't upgraded enough :#
So do you agree with me guys? Do you find any other customers tough to serve? Share with us! :D


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