Weekend Sales are ON plus a Dragon Storm Event! Feb 22-24

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It's been a big week, Glu Crew! Here is your weekend sales update:

Eternity Warriors 2: Get 50% off elements & skill upgrades

Deer Hunter Reloaded: Get DOUBLE Currency through any Tapjoy offers!

Samurai vs. Zombies Defense: Get DOUBLE Currency through any Tapjoy offers!

Frontline Commando: Get 60% off Mindblower

Contract Killer Zombies: Get 75% off Hellfire

Contract Killer 2: Get 50% off Ranger Model-12

Indestructible: Get 40% off T4 Components

Dragon Storm: Get 20% off Speed-ups, Griffon eggs, Centaur bows, and sigils of Giants. We are also having a Power Battle Weekend! Gain the most power and win prizes! 1st place wins 600 crowns, 2nd-3rd place wins 300 crowns and 4th-10th place get a Goddess Blessing!


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    Forum looking very nice and lovely to navigate
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    I understand 99 percent of the sales except for 1. What do you mean on dragon storm is that not a program or the game??
    But everything else great deals.
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    The Dragon Storm event takes place within the game itself. There are in game messages telling folks about it too. But also, just to be clear, this is from last weekend (not this one).
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    I like play Frontline Commando
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    hunsa18 wrote: »
    I like play Frontline Commando

    It is a nice FPS however i like killing zombies moe. Cheers.
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    Thank you verymuch
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    Nice game and I read for
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    Ayudrne a suscribirme gracias
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    težko prideš do res dobrih orožij
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    mare07 wrote: »
    težko prideš do res dobrih orožij

    Agree with you Mare... It's really hard to get good weapon, but please be so kind and next time post in english :)
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