Another user is bothering me with spam or other posts

GlamazonGlamazon Registered Users 498 Posts
If it's spam (gibberish, advertisements, etc.):
We try to get rid of spam as quickly as we can, but we need your help! If you see spam, please report the post using the icon at the bottom of the post that looks like a triangle with ! inside of it. This will help us quickly remove it and moderate the user causing the spam as well. It may take up to 48 hours for spam to be removed but we are often able to do it in just a few hours.

If it's another kind of post that bothers you:
We try not to over-moderate and will only lock threads or remove user posts if things get extremely aggressive, insulting, or abusive. We will not remove posts that are on topic, even if they get spirited.

If another user is bothering you, please go to their profile and click "add to ignore list." This will ensure that you don't have to see their posts anymore. You also have the ability to create a group, and moderate that group and its conversations on your own.
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