Contract killer 2 please help!!!!

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Hi. Let me start off by saying that this is an amazing game and I've been playing it non stop for months now ever since I got my iPhone. I do have one thing that I would love you guys to consider please. I have spent quite a bit of money on this game (which some people may not agree with or say that's your problem but I'm not at all complaining about that at all. I very much enjoy this game and feel the money I've spent to be well worth it.) but my problem now is I finally reached the contract killer status which is really cool and I'm happy I completed it. But before that I was awarded stuff including credits for completing challenges and getting stars. Now I have 70 or so stars and I don't get anything at all. I don't mean to give credits every time or anything but with all the contracts still to play and challenges to complete it would be really nice if there was something to work toward getting. Wether it be weapons, melee, medical packs, knives, and so on. I would really appreciate some sort of something if I'm still able to earn stars and such and think it would make me play/spend more If I was able to do so. Even right now with playing every day and earning the 15 stars after will do nothing for me. I still do it of course but it really sucks when you complete things like that and can't collect the reward. The min the killing spree levels opened up I went straight through them and completed them right away to get the new gun. And in doing so I spent money again for credits. So it's a perfect example of what I'm talking about. The more you offer as far as still being able to earn stars after this level the more likely I am going to spend more money. I'm definitely not talking for anyone else by any means but for me it really kind of kills it for me considering how much I play this game and how much I love this game.
Sorry for the ramble but I really hope someone reads this and takes it into consideration please. I would be amazing and you would just keep getting my
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