Glu website vs my Android Phone

QwaldQwald Registered Users 14 Posts
I have a few problems with the Glu Site.

I currently own a Samsung Galaxy SIII, and it seems that the glu website doesn't work on the default browser of my phone. I've also tried using the Chrome application, and everything shows well. Though, I cannot click on most of the buttons.

I seem to have a problem to link my account with my games as well. It would be nice if I could follow my goals/achievements there as well. I seem to have an hard time getting Glu Credits too. Might be because there's different connections. For exemple via the glu account versus a facebook account.

Is there any other way to access the glu games information on my phone?

P.S. By the glue website, I was refering to that seems broken on my desktop (probably made for mobile devices only).
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