Gun Bros 2 UPDATE live on Android and iOS!

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Here's what's new in the v1.2 update! Enjoy!
  • Barriers are now FREE! You can now change the barrier breakers on your guns as much as you want!
  • Battle a NEW BOSS- The Brohemoth! In an effort to fix previous flaws, this Bro Clone can operate without the aid of a magma pool. Sadly, the procedure has given him the depth perception of a naked mole rat.
  • There are 3 free Bros you can use! You can find them in the Brotherhood.
  • A Pre-Match screen with a new barrier warning
  • A new Brotherhood tutorial
  • Grab the Easter Crate for a limited time! Pontiff of Pain, Power Pope, Beater Cottontail and Choc Trooper armor! Here are some details:
And lo the masses cried out “What can we do? The tools hath broken our will?” And lo, Francis said, “Taketh these robes so that you may smack them so hard their mother shall not recognize them.” And lo, the masses rejoiced.
And lo, the masses asked Percy, “Why doth thou wear such a big hat? Thou shall not even walketh through a door?” And lo, Percy replied, “The doorway is as big as you want it to be with the right gun.” And lo, the masses rejoiced.

POWER POPE (green Easter version)
Retribution is yours! Hand-crafted by fifteen generations of combat monks, the fibers on this battle garment are so stain resistant, the guilt simply rolls right off.

Extended Auditory Recognition headgear uses subtle shifts in ambient noise to pinpoint enemy locations. The only drawback is that you may be accused of being too adorable. The insulation of this armor is harvested from the orbital rabbit farms of Tau Ceti V. The low gravity allows the bunnies to grow exponentially. They’re cute until you have to shave one.

Introducing the first all-in-one food ration combat armor. The viscosity of this material melts in your mouth, not under fire. Advanced high-impact kinetic deflection never tasted so delicious.
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