Frontline Commando: D-Day FAQ (with tips!)

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What do the names of the campaigns mean and why do they unlock in out of order?
The names of the campaigns in the game (Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword) are all the actual names for the offensive campaign and the order in which they unlock is the actual order in which the real attacks occurred.

How do I hit these planes?
Make sure to aim a little in front of fast moving planes, those bullets have a far distance to travel and the planes are moving fast.

What the heck is a Quadzooka?
The Quadzooka allows you to go into every mission with 4 free bazooka shots. You can use these four shots to destroy anything you want. Quadzooka is in the killin' enemies business. And cousin, business is a-boomin.

What does that icon of the radio do in the middle of my screen during battle
That button allows you to call in an Artillery Strike. You’ll hear the bombs falling and the bombs will take out anything in the area!

Help!! I can’t beat this tank, how can I take it down?
Tanks can only be destroyed by using Bazooka shots or with Grenades. Each tank has a different armor level, so it may take quite a few grenades or multiple Bazooka shots to take out. Each dot represents a grenade. A Bazooka shot will take out 6 dots on the damage meter.

How do I earn Grenades?
You get rewarded one grenade with each star you receive in a mission. You can go back and try to get stars on every mission. Also we give away grenades quite often in your daily bonus. You can also purchase grenades and Bazookas in the store.

What’s does Utah D-Day 161620Z or Utah Day 2 0215Z mean in the mission title?
This is actually the time the event mission is taking place in military time starting from D-Day 0600 Zulu (Zulu is the time zone) or 6am Greenwich time.

I saw a flash and my health went way down, what happened?
That means there is a sniper in your area. Pull out your rifle and find him before he gets you. You will know he is there by the bright flash from his scope.

I got a Kill Streak!! How did I do that?
If you kill 3 or more enemies within a few seconds of each other you will get a kill streak and get a better score for the level. Also you can even get an enemy to surrender!

What are the weapons at my disposal?
  • Rifles are great at taking precise high damage shots “HEADSHOTS ANYONE?” You can zoom in and take out your enemy quickly. These usually have low rounds, but high damage.
  • Machine Guns are high intensity rapid fire weapons best used for close up enemies. These aren’t as accurate but are great to take out multiple enemies quickly
  • ACK ACKs are the mounted guns used in Airplane missions
  • Anti-tank weaponry: The Quadzooka, the bazookas rounds and grenades are all used to take out armored vehicles. Regular weapons cant damage them.
  • Power Ups: Medkits and Artillery Strikes. Use Medkits to heal yourself and Artillery strikes to take out all the enemies in an area.
  • Armor allows you to take a lot of extra damage and still survive. These last over multiple missions.

I received some stars in my last mission, what are these stars for?

In each mission there are three goals to achieve. You can see your next goal listed on the bottom of the map screen. With each goal you complete, you are rewarded a star which you can use to unlock new campaigns. You get gold rewards for reaching a target numbers of stars during gameplay. If you don’t get 3 stars in a mission you can always go back and attempt it again to get the stars you might have missed.

How do I earn gold?

In-game you can earn gold by leveling up or by achieving star goals and getting the rewards. You can also click on the “Get Free Gold” button in the bottom right of the store screen to earn gold outside of the game.


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    Air strikes can take out cannons. Havent tried it yet for the tanks. Cheers.
    The Wolf Pack are my friends, like all others whom I have the pleasure to know. You have my respect because you deserve it - the same way I expect this respect from you as well.
  • hardeyboyzhardeyboyz Registered Users 75 Posts
    Grenades helps in acquiring killstreak.
  • dilg2012dilg2012 Registered Users 358 Posts
    Update: airstrikes can also destroy tanks.
    The Wolf Pack are my friends, like all others whom I have the pleasure to know. You have my respect because you deserve it - the same way I expect this respect from you as well.
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    Bumping because of added information to the FAQ.
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    Glamazon wrote: »
    Bumping because of added information to the FAQ.
    not available in Palestine Google play
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    better aim enemy ( small dot grey aim cursor )when you are in crouch position (means in hiding behind barrier position) thus when you are in aim position the cursor is right about directly at enemy ,this will earn you faster kill and possibility headshot . switching between aim position and crouch position earn you better coverage and save your life longer ( but means also you aint complete the mission within 2 minutes allocated.

    same goes while using grenade, use it in crouch position and aim using (small dot grey aim)
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    I moved the sword/inventory question into its own thread here:
  • cnd007cnd007 Registered Users 9 Posts
    The gray dot aiming cursor is hard to see sometimes.
    When I aim grey dot at enemy from crouching position it doesn't always line up/aim at enemy when I stand up.
    Makes it difficult to line up head shots without taking damage.
  • RangerRanger Registered Users 2 Posts
    I purchase 2 bazooka's and at the end of the game ,I only used 1 to kill a tank, where is my other bazooka when I start a new mission ? Somebody owes me some rockets !!!!!!!!
  • 10heera@Gmail. com[email protected] com Registered Users 3 Posts
    This game a such a real betal field
  • Rockhead1121Rockhead1121 Registered Users 3 Posts
    I have not seen an air strike take out a tank. I have tried it a few times. Not sure why you posted this.
  • Rockhead1121Rockhead1121 Registered Users 3 Posts
    How many air strikes does it take to kill a tank?
  • LindyoxLindyox Registered Users 12 Posts
    It can take between 1 to 3 air strikes to kill a German Tank. It really depends on the Tank and how many lines or "Dots" of Armor it has. A King Tank can take two or Three. I usually don't mind because the Air Strikes are also killing the Soldiers.
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    1/5/2014. Question Reference #140105-000346
    It has happened again - lost Atlas Plans. - I'm stupid - It happened 2 times before and I even did it a third time. - dumb. - my bad. (About 1,000)
    What is wrong with this game?
    I had intended to spend at least $50 to get more stars and Base but why would I want to do it with such: lack of support, lack of game understanding, refusal of "Glu" to answer "any" of my incidents, lost atlas plans.
    Your game is addicting (I have cod ghost I'm doing Frontline instead) but with the frustrations I'm about to leave your game and not look back.
    Please respond ASAP
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    why not started-Frontline Commando: D-Day: Win the Limited Edition Ice Projector in the grenade event (2/27 – 3/01)
  • 23blevins23blevins Registered Users 3 Posts
    What and where is the grenade event?
  • CstbandCstband Registered Users 1 Posts
    I keep getting messages about spies, but there are no missions showing where the spies are. What am I missing? I could really use some axis plans.
  • Josef80Josef80 Registered Users 2 Posts
    I do missions and get stars and the level is stopped and don't get up at 17th , what is the problem .? Please answer
  • hiredmanagerhiredmanager Registered Users 2 Posts
    Please how can get coins to buy my weapon?
  • azeezazeez Registered Users 2 Posts
    اخي اذا عرفت كيف علمني
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