My games are functioning well..

JangrikJangrik Registered Users 37 Posts
I dont why so many gamers having problems with reset, freezes or in app purchases not delivered.
I had none of the problems.
Very happy with all my games.
Maybe because i'm not playing Glu games... Hahaha.
No seriously, It would be a miracle if anyone that plays Glu games never meet these problems.
They are freebies.. So folks you get what you do not pay for.
I know its frustrating but its a package..
Just be careful when you actually spend real money.
To avoid great agony, my advice read Darthplague99 tips and avoid ... (I cant write for fear those admins will lock or remove this post..)


  • Joker68Joker68 Registered Users 4 Posts
    You must be living in your own world. Have you seen other game forums? it's the same! all apps have issues and all companies handle them and everyone deal with the same app store problems. You just want to badger glu people. Why don't you give it a rest? so lame!
  • JangrikJangrik Registered Users 37 Posts
    I enjoyed my games from Epic (ifinity blade series) and from EA.
    I playedsome glu games and honestly it is not lame when your game breaks down at the worst moment.
    Like you got a cool piece of hardware and then...
    Resets. Game kicked you out.
    Hopefully when you reopens game, that cool hardware earned still there.
    Yeah, talk about lame? That piece of hard earned fought for just disappeared "again"
    I dont think you even play seriously games.
    Otherwise you would know. Glu should have a batman game. You would fit nicely
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