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leylazyleylazy Registered Users 1 Posts
How can I earn more gold in fl commando game. Every thing in store is about gold but in the mission just I can get money . Is there any way to change the money to gold?


  • grelegrele Registered Users 73 Posts
    For start check out this thread...
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  • shannyshanny Registered Users 440 Posts
    You cannot change money into gold, but if you try those tips at the link grele provided just above, you will be able to get some good offers.;)
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  • Juliet CastellaJuliet Castella Registered Users 3 Posts
    im new here. ive been tried to purchase money and gold but i cant. now i play ckz2. what should i do first? already read t&c but hesitate to proceed any acc registration.
  • grelegrele Registered Users 73 Posts
    Before spending any real money it is a good idea to try first get some free gold to find out how much you are willing to spend... you can find more in thread mentioned above.
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