4/5 Weekend Sales, Promos and Events in Gun Bros 2, Heroes of Destiny and MORE!

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Weekend sales are on and we have some exciting things going on in our newest titles!

Gun Bros 2: 50% off Selected Guns in the Black Market!

Eternity Warriors 2: 50% Off Elements & Upgrades

Contract Killer Zombies 2: 50% Off the Exterminator

Heroes of Destiny: Deep discounts up to 50% off the Shadow Warrior Elite Pack! This includes a Level 5 Fel'Mor plus a full set of uncommon items!

Contract Killer 2: Huge discount on the XSR-50! Get details in the store!

Frontline Commando: 75% off the Techfire and 50% off the Ruination

Samurai vs. Zombies Defense 2: Limited-time Starter Packs give you a 50% value on a collection of charms, revives and more!

Plus a special event in Dragon Storm!

Famine has broken out across Dragon Storm! You must now go and plunder precious food from your rivals to survive. Those who can steal the most Food shall receive new followers!

Plunder as much food from other players as you can to stand atop the leader boards until Monday, April 8 at 5pm (PST)! Users in the top 10 End will receive one of these Rewards:

1st place: 800 Griffons, 600 Centaurs, 600 Giants
2nd - 3rd place: 400 Griffons, 300 Centaurs, 300 Giants
4th - 10th place: 200 Griffons, 150 Centaurs, 150 Giants

Everyone who plunders at least 14,000 food shall receive 500 additional knights

Winners will be announced Tuesday, April 9th.
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