It is very exciting to hear Indestructible will be updated soon(SUGGESTION INSIDE)

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Yes, I have so many advices to give you because I love this game. Indestructible is a fantastic game. I play it at the first day when the game opened last year. I downloaded this game because my son wants to play vehicles. Now it is a relationship between my son and me. It is funny that we play the game between two Ipads. At beginning of the first few weeks, my son always lost the game, so I spent money to buy the good vehicles and weapons for him to win the game, moreover, I buy the infinite oil to play. I played the game in my spare time too. But after I played it, I didn’t want to put my ipad down because the game is so good. I think I love it.
Now I had played more than 9,000 rounds of the game, and my influence points is about 68,000. I occupy the second position of the leaderboard for a long time.
Now I am happy to hear that the game will be updated soon. So I want to give some advice to glu to improve the game in order to attract more people to play it, you get more benefit, we play funny, that is win-win.
First, we need to change our name because there are many same name in the game.
Second: in order to attract more players, it is a good idea that build up the clubs to compete each other. There are many successful example s of the online game like this. If Indestructible add the unit match in the game, it will be successful. (teammate choose by myself).
Third: in the mode of “play with friends”, it is very good, we can play with our friends. But when we play in 2 VS 2, it is not good the teammate is allocated automatically. The parner should be chosen by myself. And we will change our partner to play 3 rounds to find who is the best!
Fourth: if glu have a cyperspace to save our data of the game, I will continue to spend money to support the game. I don’t want to lose my vehicles and my weapons if my ipad broken, lose or delete the game careless.
Fifth: my friends and me built up a club name [Hunter Force™], we will welcome the competitor with other clubs from all over the world.
I hope glu will give me the answer
Best regards


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