Freezing and a lot more.. Admin please check my account what is wrong?

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My games have problems when I open the game Eternity warriors 2 it will go directly to inventory and it is freezing. Sometimes it will go directly to daily bonus, skills, quest and etc. I don't know why? Can anyone in the admin of glu games inc can help? Or explain why it happens and how to solve it.

Sometimes I can play but noticed in boss rush even I finish twice in the same floor still I can play and get gems. Example floor 2 in boss rush I clear it twice then when I play it again I can play still.

When I want to save in iCloud I click SAVE button then It will appear "not enough gems. Buy more? Then ok nothing happen.

Again when my game when to inventory i will freeze and i cannot do anything. I was frustrated really frustrated very very frustrated. Hope the admin can help in these issues.

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