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Just came here to introduce myself and let users know that I am a community moderator. If anyone has any problem I will try my best to help you and give you as much support as I can . Remember it may take time for answer to some questions . Just as a reminder a glu support ticket can take about 2 weeks to be answered so please give the support team some time to get to it and provide you with a answer . Another thing we work hard to remove spam as fast as we possibly can so please try not to bash on us for not removing it as soon as its posted it's a huge amount of spam we have to go through and remove since spammers usually post more than once and in different threads and sections (it's mostly me and shanny since we are usually always on, it's us against all the spammers so give us time if we are asleep or doing something very important), the best thing to do I'd report them and we can see who reported and who got reported so trust me the reporting helps us know who spammed or was breaking forum rules by posting profanity, bad language a cursing which are all the same. If you think a post or thread violates the rules of these forums and you report it we will view it and decide if it's really against the rules . Well thats about it for now if you do not know how to report a post it is at the bottom the message a user posted and there should be a triangle with a ! (exclamation point) in the middle then post what is the reason you reported it and we will see it as soon as possible . Thank you for reading and I hope I can be very helpful to all of you and that you all have fun in this forum. Go make friends and have fun!
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