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Cmon Glu. I just got finished playing Spec ops crate, which is nothing more than ripoff roulette. I spent 100 or so gold just to see if it would stop on anything more valuable than 200 axis plans. It did once on three bazookas. Big deal. Guys, you got to make stuff cheaper and not rig the game so you rip off your players like this. I may make it my one person cursade to change your thieving ways. That said I love the game, so you have some diabilical business genious who knows how to send profitability through the roof at the expense of you players. Is it really neccesary to have $30 guns in game. At least give up more gold so you can earn through gameplay.


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    Glu totally dropped the ball on this game. If they had of made it more affordable in the first place, Im sure many people like me would have spent a little to get the right weapons to complete the game.
    Basically, I'm bored with the game as I know what to expect on each screen and no chance now will I even drop a dime on this game.

    I agree 100%. I understand the need to make a profit, but this game is way too expensive. For example a machine gun that's over $50 U.S. dollars. Granted the ultimate pack offers a discount over the individual price, but I don't see paying $70 for this game and then have supplies run out.

    I'm currently a xp level 12, on day 17 and have 140 out of 453 stars. I realized very early on that this game has a poor price structure and the rewards don't match the payout.

    I have not spent a dime of real money on this game, nor I have visited any of the web sites that give free credits. I would gladly pay to play a quality game that doesn't try continue to milk me for all that it can. At this point I think I'm only playing the game to see have far I can go for free.
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    The game is one of my favourite and it is way too expensive, It takes miracles to make gold without spending real life money.
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