Infinite Glu Coins " NO HACKS or CHEATS" any android phone can do this

mtheadmthead Registered Users 266 Posts
Takes a while to setup,i think 5 days... but once you get in the flow of things, it becomes easy
Step 1 Day 1:install lil kingdom, play a lil bit and quit
Step 2 day 2:install deer hunter, play lil bit then quit
login into lil kingdom then quit

step 3 day 3: install gun bros 1, play a lil bit then quit
log into lil kingdom then quit
log into deer hunter then quit

step 4 day 4
log into lil kingdom then quit
log into deer hunter then quit
log into gun bros then quit
step 5 repeat step 4-5 every day

so 5 days later
you should be getting glu coins everyday from step 4

Provided if earth goes on forever, then it will be infinite glu coins

I know it sounds stupid but hey.. alot of people out there are screaming for more glu coins.. well heres one of your answer. If you can spend 30 min complaining how hard it is to get glu coins.. then im sure you can spend 4 min logging into these 3 games everyday to get some.

Like i said about charity work " dont complain about the quality of the volunteer work"


  • DdannenDdannen Registered Users 875 Posts
    One reason only I don't like IOS cause the coins are gathered game by game and there is no sharing wah.
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  • grelegrele Registered Users 73 Posts
    Yeah... but not infinite amount...
    For exact amount and description look at the first post in General Discussion posted by Darthplague99...
    Link is here
  • dilg2012dilg2012 Registered Users 358 Posts
    hi grele, how is everything with you?
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