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Why are handbags being posted and sold on Glu gaming forum, this forum is for Glu games it is not a shopping site, we do not want to buy your hand bags, please stop selling on this forum, you can sell your thing on eBay and other web sites that are made just for sell what you don't want/made.


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    It's called spam and it somehow gets through the filters that GLU has in place, the best and easiest thing for us to do is report the spam by clicking on the yellow triangle on the lower left portion of the offending post. In the dialogue box just type " This is spam" and send. That's all you need to do, a moderator will delete the post.
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    I occasionally go through General Discussion and send the profile links of these people to a community moderator. If you want to help a little more to get rid of these spammers, you could do this as well. The list of names is usually a lot so it means some effort but it helps clean up.
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