Stardom: can't work with others

XlxcxXlxcx Registered Users 2 Posts
I've been playing the game for a while, but whenever I land a new film or show and I want to work with a co-star the only option I get is one person not all of the people I have on my contact list. The same goes for dating.


  • XlxcxXlxcx Registered Users 2 Posts
    Bumping for help
  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    It sounds like a contact list error for sure, especially if you've kept meeting people as well. Do you have Game Center/Facebook friends? It would be interesting to know if they are affected too; then we would confirm it a glitch. I suggest you send a ticket to glu and state the issue.

    There are Stardom forums here as well! You can check out the Stardom: Hollywood Forums to ask questions, find friends, and join the community!

    Or if you were referring to the Stardom: The A-List Forums there's one here too but The A-List Forums don't have too much...
  • MaragostMaragost Registered Users 60 Posts
    I've got the same problem in Gun Bros and BigTime Gangsta. On a total of 30 friends which owns the game, i can see only 4-5 of them. Alredy done a ticket a week or so ago but no response so far.
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