7/4 Events are on for FC2, EW3, Robocop, and more!

TotallyNotSteveTotallyNotSteve Experienced MemberRegistered Users 221 Posts
Contract Killer 2 - Win the Widowmaker Grenade Launcher in the Live Event

Frontline Commando D-Day - Win the exclusive Patriot Sniper Rifle in the July 4th Event

Eternity Warriors 3 - Earn VP from buying offerings
PVP Season 8 Offseason

Frontline Commando 2 - Earn a Patriot armor piece for every 10 missions you complete in the Sniper Challenge Event. Finish all 30 missions for the full set!

Robocop - Complete all 30 missions in the Kabul event to win the exclusive Yellow Suit


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    No more anoncement since this date?
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