Appeal to the "Eternity warriors 3” game developers. I DEMAND JUSTICE

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Dear sirs
My name is Vladislav I've played in ew3 over 7 month , and buy purchase in app over 3000-4000$ ! I have over43k gs !!!I've never used hack tools and anything forbidden ?!! because I can afford to spend 5% of my salary for the development of your application! and as you know money talks here! 30.07.2014 I saw that my character zeroed!! ***? Guys u kidding me? !The only thing that I did was moved my account to a new device. but is that the reason for such a reset. I've send 5 or more tickets for Glu support but u don't answer my question "why I'm zeroed". I am a powerful man, but as long as I do not take urgent measures and go to court, if you return me to my account! BiGBrO777! I think you know who it is: Niccolo de Masi, Eric Ludwig, Chris Akhavan, Greg Cannon, Vice President Finance, Scott Leichtner, Clancy Ryan. They are not too be happy when they get sued for a round sum and visit my lawyers who are ready to show all the evidence against your company. I'm giving you a week to solve this problem. In case of further ignoring my demands, I will immediately head to your office in Moscow 19 Leninskaya Sloboda 115280, publicize the world media and social networks - a scheme that the company "Glu" cheats and steals money from customers (I have all the tangible evidence and arguments) and if I do not help in RUSSIA, then sit down on the next flight to San Francisco, and I will go at 500 Howard St. Suite 300 , CA 94105 that would personally oversee the process.
P.S. I hope you make the right choice. CYA
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