they rise with the smoke

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chipper shredder parts Instead, they rise with the smoke and as it cools, they condense and collect on the inside of your chimney and pipes. One reason you should never burn green wood (wood that has not been allowed to dry for at least 6 months) is that it contains more oils than dry wood and causes much more creosote buildup.?Why is it harmful?Creosote is potentially harmful because it is highly combustable. In other words, once it starts to build up, a particularly hot fire can ignite it, Buy Spreader causing a chimney fire. Over the course of a season, it is possible for as much as several inches of creosote to accumulate. For More:


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    Burning green wood in your chipper shredder is a serious risk. The excess oils in unseasoned wood lead to dangerous creosote buildup inside chimneys and pipes, posing a high risk of ignition during a hot fire. It's crucial to steer clear of green wood to prevent potential chimney fires.  Remember, a clean chimney is as vital as a custom wood pergola for a safe and beautiful space. Prioritize safety in your fire habits!
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