Would it be too much to ask for some truthful answers regarding CKS?

I recently received (by the looks of it) a standard reply to my questions regarding any new levels for Contract Killer Sniper. I am not a new player so do know how players are perceived by Glu but outright lying to people to possibly keep the subscriptions flowing is slightly bordering on a step too far. Yes, it is choice as to whether you keep your subscription going but many players are paying because they have been assured by Glu that the game is continuing but cannot give any time frames for new levels for some unknown reasons. One would suggest that an announcement be made very very soon or people might start calling their solicitors!
Do the honest & decent thing for the community you have created & tell the truth regarding the future of the game.
I have cancelled my subscription now as have many other players. They are also leaving in droves for other games.
Is this really the end you had in mind for CKS Glu?
Regards Morticia
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