MLB 2017 tap baseball - removal from club play erroneously

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My team PILLARCF has been removed from club play or "jailed" apparently. A guy on my club sent me login for new bronze 2 weekends ago red sox so I could join that event late and still get rewards and add bonus points. Club was baby with all newborn players the lowest level possible. Club won prime Bautista that weekend for 1st. Then I played more over next couple weeks. Dec 22 2017 to yesterday I spent $501 Cdn exactly over 5 days on 3 prime special offers, gold endorsements and stadium. I bought 3 mountains of gold in that period. Won Mauer prime in fan rewards this past weekend. I won Williams in walk off and I won enough prime xp and legend to level up. yesterday morning I spent $208 Cdn on gold 30% off to get another legend in fan rewards this coming weekend. I watched a billion videos. Yesterday was shocked to be jailed. I have over 23000 gold all bought and paid for or won on a great bronze 3 level team. Team legit and never loaded ever. 14 ish days old. been playing like crazy over holidays. Maybe they thought I levelled up players too fast? I sent glu a message and got back that they cant do anything development jailed it. Its crazy. I cant spend $ to build a team if im going to get jailed. Its too risky to invest. I can give you login if you need it to check. I built, played and bought it to 37000 in 2 weeks legit. Can someone please review this properly? Thanks PILLARCF team.
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