I'm not getting credit for non-signature legend Robin Yount on Tap Baseball 17 (2/9/18)

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I have the non-legend Robin Yount but in every win I get during this weekend's event, I'm only getting 2K in bonus points instead of the 20K I should be getting according the news Glu released for the event. When I contacted Glu in game, Juan came back and gave me a non-answer, treating me like I've never played an event with bonus players.
His specific response: "However, you need to meet the requirements set by the game for you to earn bonus club points. Sometimes, specific players will be added as well, also depending on the teams that were chosen for the bonus points. Also Bonus Points go towards the club contribution points, not the personal prime points. You can always double check what team a player is registered with in TSB you can check the pennant next to their name. This is a more reliable way to double check than using the picture. Please also note the following information regarding the bonus points for the events: Bonus points are only added the first time you clear a club round. If you restart the event you will not receive the points again until you progress to a round you have not cleared. I hope this information helps."
First of all, the last sentence about clearing rounds is in no way applicable to my question so I'm not sure why I was told this. Again, I've played this game since its release and know all of the rules. Second, when I look at the Brew Crew Mystery Box, Robin Yount is listed in there with a 10 rating. Everyone else has a 1. Hmm. That must mean I have him on my roster already at a 9 rating. I've shared this information with Glu, but I can't get a response or this fixed.
I need to get this resolved so I can put up some good points for my club. Is there anyone from Glu monitoring this that can help get this resolved promptly?
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