Eternity Warriors 2 Loading

technopepetechnopepe Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
Hello! I have been playing Eternity Warriors 2 for a long time, but yesterday, I decided to reinstall the game and play it. But, the game just crashes after loading, it does not even reach the game cover. Please help me and some other players fix this problem, I really want to play it again. Thank you


  • 4davidzhang4davidzhang Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    I have the same problem. Ew2 is the best game. Ew3 is ok, ew4 is stupid and boring.
  • [RR] Sage[RR] Sage Moderators 556 Posts
    Sorry guys there really isn't any support for any of the EW games at this point. Your best bet is the FAQs or other players in the EW forums.  There is no development team for that series any longer.
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