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BEFORE YOU POST - PLEASE Locate the Forum for your specific game.

Please go to the home page https://communities.glu.com/home/
Scroll down and locate the banner image for your game.
Tap the picture and you'll be taken to your game's new forum home

This section is for general questions and not game specific info. ie:
I'd love a game about American Made Motorcycles. Do you make any?
If you want to talk about a specific game, please follow the instructions above (in Purple).
Posting here in General Discussion will not get your line up or rifle or zombie or Kardashian questions answered. You need to find the subforum for your game.

Please try to keep your posts in the right section. :) If you're hunting deer, you don't want to know why the Kardashian Babies don't have more clothes. Now do you? You want to get right to the info about your game. If you see a lot of Threads moved out of the place you want to post....double check you're in the right place. ;) Thanks.

If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
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