MLB TSB 17 and 18 issues?

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Good morning how are you. I have tried putting a ticket in through MLB TSB 18 multiple times and have not received anything from them within the last 5 days. My problem(s) are that last week I decided to trade my Samsung phone in for a new iPhone 8 plus. I was able to download MLB TSB 18 but when I try to login on my phone it says unable to login. I have tried password reset and re downloading the app multiple times with no luck. 2nd issue is that the app store doesn't even have the app for MLB TSB 17 anymore and being I went from a Samsung to an iPhone I can't even bring it back from recent apps. This is very frustration to me because I have spent over $450 on MLB TSB 17 and already spent about $250 on MLB TSB 18 and am locked out of both accounts. Please help me get these 2 games working and if we can't then what do you guys have to do to refund me my money for both 2017 and 2018?  Hope you can help out and I appreciate your help. my screen name in both 17 and 18 is wrightb92842 and you can email me for 17 at [email protected] and for 18 is [email protected] thank you and have a good day.
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