Racing Rivals: Need IP info

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I need information regarding a Racing Rivals account I bought. The Account is Babkes. Now the account emails is :

I bought this account from another player and then someone logged into it and stole off the cars within 12 hours. I would like to know the IP that logged into it after I took control. It was from a foreign country IP before I took over. i know it was the seller but i want the IP so i can prove it.


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    I'm not even sure that you realize just how dumb of a post you just made. First off the buying and selling and even trading of goods is NOT supported by GLU in any way what so ever. They do not even acknowledge it as being something they will even look at much less offer support for. What you are asking of them is something they will NOT ever do in any capacity what so ever. When buying/selling anything on the game you do so at your own risk and you sir were clearly ripped off by the person you bought the account from. If purchased through Paypal I would charge back immediately and get your money back. The value of vehicles and garages is plummeting and you are starting to see more and more people showing their true colors as they begin to watch their garages rot.
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