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Hey guys. I've been playing this game since 2015. I ended up quitting last year after being jailed 4-5 times (rightfully so - the last time I was jailed was unjustified - no glitching, etc.). I'm back this year and have seen huge improvements in Customer Service. Thank you for that.

I'd like to submit a suggestion on how to deal with jailings. I love playing this game, but the unjustified jailings last year drove me to quit the game and get refunds from Apple. I think it would be beneficial to suspend players rather than ban them and have a "three strikes, you're out" policy. I've met a number of great people through this game, but I've seen people quit continuously since last year's licensing deal with MLB.

Again I love the game and hope that we can make some progress on the jailing process. The game is too good to be soiled by that process.

Thanks blueleopard.
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