Lost all game progress

dmeltondmelton 3 PostsRegistered Users, Member
I've lost YEARS of game progress recently and I've contacted customer care numerous times for the last few weeks regarding this and all they can say is delete and reload the app and send them screenshots of the progress I lost. Well why would I have screen shots just laying around? All I know is I had won all venues besides the last 2 added and now the game will only take me to the beginning level of Table Steaks! As if I never played, even though I'm logged into my Facebook account on the game. I am beyond upset and have held off deleting the app for weeks despite not being able to play, because I was still holding on to hope. All the money and progress GONE. 


  • AhJenAhJen 1 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I have lost my phone and lost the data as well. Pls help to re store my game account.
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