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I've noticed on the forums that several people are getting pretty upset with this game. Be it the cost of gold, the awful chances of pulling a player from a box, game freezing and crashing, videos,  offer wall, etc.
I've encountered some of these issues. Videos freeze and the app has to be closed. Not receiving gold from offer wall. 1 player out of 40 boxes.
Today it's the videos. 8 times I've gotten stuck on a "loading video" on round 5-9 WOH. The only thing that can be done is to force stop the app. That means the round starts over.
And it has only done it on round 5-9. 8 times!
It's almost as if GLU has intentionally made it so the round cannot be completed.
Getting pretty fed up with this game myself.


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    This is no new problem, either.  A similar scenario occurs when on CVC and trying to Video boost.  it locks up and you lose the entry all together.  There are far too many instances of losing at almost scripted moments.  Spending money doesn't seem to help.  I have spent quite a bit, and my team seems to get worse for it.  Now, Season play is kicking my butt.  But only because I am willing to spend money, (is my guess), because I need 450 EVO to level players into platinum, and need Prime XP for the others.  By keeping me away from the post season play for last three seasons, it ensures I can't level up without spending real money.  I am ready to delete the app and just start over with a new team.  I could probably do quite well without spending a dime if I just kept it at a low bronze level.
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    Agreed. From the perspective of revenue generation, potential ad clicks are lost when the advertisement cannot load correctly. Likewise I have stopped playing altogether in some cases where the loading issue costs me rounds.
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    And the new “rotate your device” ad freezes every time. 
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    It’s not ideal but your best bet is to force reset the app before playing anything (CvC, WOH etc) and the videos should work. This will stay until you exit the app at which point a force reset will be necessary again
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    I will say that the issue has not happened recently. I appreciate glu for correcting the problem. I also think they did a pretty good job on fixing the clash cvc. It had problems and they stopped it immediately. Good to see an effort on their part to continue to make the game enjoyable with new events, and that they are acknowledging the issues and doing something about it.
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    Offers are the worse then the ads. When it was the gold was x2 I did 3 offers so download all 3 games never downloaded before . Took 4 screenshots for proof 1 before downloading game one before start levels and one after reaching required level to receive reward on all 3 games. Should’ve got little over 3k gold but got nothing. So when you do offer u go through tapjoy, went to not  received gold option and it says have wait 36hrs before sending compliant or something like that. So waited send all my screenshots for proof and a day latter denied 
    Nick Loomis 
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    My game lags like crazy, especially during crucial times during WOH. 
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