Absolutely Fed up with Impossible Walk Off Hero

SwolecatSwolecat New Member22 PostsRegistered Users
Ok, on my Iphone6, it is 100% impossible to complete the Monday Walk Off Hero event. The one single obstacle is that every time you complete 7-9 levels of a tier, the game is 99.534% likely to crash!!! That would be ok, BUT, when you simply reload the app, instead of continuing at level 7, 8, 9, or 10.... It **** retards you back to level **** 1!!!!!! I have contacted glu several times, and judging by their responses, they have done literally NOTHING to even attempt to fix this GAME-BREAKING issue.  Hell, unless someone knows something I don't, like it's only on IPhone6's.... then I'm .045 seconds from letting my "App Deletion Bear" skull rape it and leave it for dead behind Target.... 
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