Suspended in 2019 version in only 3 minutes!

Gîl_GaladGîl_Galad 40 PostsRegistered Users, Member
thanks Glu for the new 2019 TSB app. Already suspended! Download the app, played few minutes and then the app crashed. Open the app again and got suspended 7 days.  Jesus, I must be the first one for the new version been  suspended for nothing.   What piss me off is that I already spent 100$ on this version.  This could be my last time to play tsb.  Aller toute chier ma gang de crisse de calisse de tabarnac chez Glu. Vous etes toute une crisse de gang de voleur,de mangeux de marde. Vous aurez plus aucun cash tabarnac de moi!  


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