Bums and dumpers

jazmyn1973jazmyn1973 Registered Users, Member 19 Posts
i would like glu to find a way to handle the bums out there who log on but don’t play or put up 100 points and that’s the last u see them in any event...  and also the ones who join a club and dump all there points to loyalty then leave the club 5 minutes later...  it puts the club up into higher levels and the team players are not built up yet to compete at the higher levels so outta frustration either stop playing or leave the club to another which hurts the rest of us who are trying and enjoy playing and not screwing everyone over for there own gain


  • UltimateWarriorUltimateWarrior Registered Users, Member 543 Posts
    Just make the club private that way you won’t have that problem. Invite players who are committed and set rules to your club. You will cut all those issues.
  • ME8UP55ME8UP55 Registered Users, Member 11 Posts
    Definitely make club private. Problem solved.
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