Greetings from Mesila of Bohemian Dreams

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Hello Glu Gang!
I have been playing your Design Home game since 2016.  I also gave Covet a try but until I see a plus-sized model there I am leaving that one alone. (Not to be a Negative Nancy...but I am not interested in Ms. Kardashian whether in reality or in a slab game. But I love DH enough to make up for it! As my bills should show you...LOL!)

I notice there's no separate forum to discuss either Design Home or Covet. So where are we supposed to discuss them?

By the way I literally live about two and a half blocks from your office! So if you have any internships or low-level jobs available...I would love that! Well to be perfectly honest I am just dreaming. I'm not a young person any more.😄

All my best...
Mesila Thraam
I 💜 SF

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