MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 Top Feedback - April

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  1. Better odds on boxes and picks – Obviously everyone would love to get the best things out of boxes (I would like better odds on Powerball) but these are designed to ensure the health of the game and the development team reviews the analytic performance of each of our boxes and picks to ensure the drop rates are matching the set parameters (which can be viewed in the app).
  2. Improve matchmaking – This is similar to last month’s team rating suggestion but different enough that we included it in this month.  Matchmaking has a few variables and even depends a bit on the mode you are playing.  Standard match me games will look for other player teams that have a strength and win rate close to yours they may or may not be the same tier as you.  Some teams level up faster and some level up slower depending on how many bonus games and other player games they play.  When you are playing a “match me” game we are also looking for other players online at that time that are also looking to get matched since those are actual head to head games it works best if both players are on at the time.  This can obviously throw off the weighting a bit depending on when you play.  The development team is always looking to ensure the matches are close and exciting.  Currently they are reviewing the silver ranks in particular as they are seeing some opportunities for improvement there.
  3. Blue Wall in Slugfest – Some players were complaining that during Slugfest the large blue wall made it too hard to hit home runs.  While it was equal for both sides of the equation we did inform the development team so they could review taking that stadium out of the rotation.
  4. Allow trading between teams – I will be honest here, we pass this suggestion on with a bunch of hate from the customer care side.  This, to us, would be a nightmare.  I was kind of shocked it made it into the top 5 suggestions for the month but I guess some players honestly want to help out club mates (or all the potential abusers were hoping to make money on eBay if we actually did this).  The development team said they would look at it but at least for now there are no plans to add this to this year’s version.
  5. Base running decisions from 3rd  - Some players have suggested our 3rd base coaches should all be fired.  When there is not a force or two outs the player from third may still try and score (and instead get out).  The developers will look into the AI and ensure it makes sense.  No promises of a noticeable change or any time frame but they will look at it. 

 Also note there were a couple things that would have made the list that we covered last month.  Walk off Hero difficulty would have been second (an announcement about changes coming was in game today) and Video issues would have been third. 


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    I bought the stadium upgrade, was supposed to be $9.99 but I was charged $14.96 3 times and don’t even see a new stadium? What the hell?
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