Outdated Dash Games

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Like others others I bought these games in good faith that they would be playable regardless of ios updates. I think its a huge shame you couldn't be bothered to update these games but that’s life - however there are  many of us paid our money over the years for the full games. I can still play classic dash games I have for PC - because I bought the game. Mad concept isn’t it?  It’s a slap in the face to people. I would honestly continue to spend money on your games - but I see you have refused to refund people.  At least with other developers whose games are gone the games were free. The full versions of these were not. I think Glu is ripping off people. And how exactly can a no refunds policy be legal? 


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    I am sorry you are having difficulties with the older games.  They will still run on the operating systems and platforms they were created for. 

    Your example of PC games that still run that is because the operating systems are very backward compatible and you can run many older games on the newer operating system.  This isn't because the games are being updated it is because the operating system is designed to make older programs still work.  Mobile operating systems are growing quickly and leaving things outdated just as fast. This unfortunately affects our older titles as well.
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